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It’s been a while since we last did a roundup of all the new talents on Soundlister – and wow, there are quite a few! Very happy to welcome more than 50 new audio pros from all over the world to Soundlister – here are some of them. Check out their profiles and work below:

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Pablo Betancourt Sound Design Demo Reel 2 from Pabl

I am a passionate sound designer for any kind of media….. literally any.
I like to do sounds for
. . . my cell phone, for video games, podcasts and for feature films 🙂
Any sound work you need, I am your guy.

Hello, I’m a sound designer/composer with experience in recording, field recording, editing and . . . interaction design. Since 2005, I have worked in many theater, cinema and music projects.
I was recently awarded a Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree with focus in Sonic Arts from Queen’s University Belfast (UK).

Frank Gustafson

Composer, Denmark

Specializes in: Film audio
Experience: Semi-pro

F Gustafson | Cinematic Music and Sound is the creative center of me, the composer Frank Gustafson. . . . It is based on a single concise vision: Authentic music rises from genuine emotions and creative originality.
I started my creative career by graduating from the Dutch Film Academy in 1996.
Nearly all my life I have created music and since 2008 I have produced a professional library of music suited for film, TV, trailers, commercial video spots and computer games.
Music references: Dave Porter (Breaking Bad), Jóhann Jóhannsson, Atticus Ross, Brian Eno, Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel.

Video games have been a huge part of my life even since I was just a little kid. Sound takes a game . . . from being just a game to a memorable life experience. The sparkle noises of my fairy partner, the calming sound of a freshly lit bonfire, the horrifying screeches of the undead, and that oh so wonderful ding every time I level up. I want to keep creating those sounds that stick in gamer’s heads and bring them back to their greatest adventures, even after they’ve hung up their magic shields and talking swords.
I’m a passionate Sound Editor with experience in advertising to features films and game audio. I can . . . handle any size project and I’m not happy until you are happy.

I compose trailer music and run a recording studio in Finland.

My name is Christopher Cody Alcantara-Flick, but I go by Cody. I grew up with a love of sound and . . . video games. I now work as an audio designer for video games and it is a dream come true. My love for sound has been ingrained in me from birth by virtue of my family’s history in the entertainment industry as sound professionals. I learned to be aware of sound everywhere, appreciate it, and think critically of it. Video games were love at first sight, for me, starting with Space Invaders on my parents Apple II, which then blossomed into a deep passion when I was gifted my first home console, the NES. It was a natural progression for me to come to love game audio and pursue a career as an audio designer for games.
In college, I received a bachelors degree for Film and Digital Media, as well as Electronic Music. Through these fields of study, I become adept in two very important things for anyone in my vocation. First, I learned the relationship of sound, including music, and the visuals they accompany. Specifically, how they both combine to create something greater than the parts individually. Second, was learning the techniques of recording and manipulating the sound to reach a desired effect. With my unique upbringing these were easy concepts to grasp initially, and I continue striving to attain as much knowledge about them as I can. I never let myself believe I know everything about any subject.
I started my career in music editorial for television and films. It was a fantastic foot in the door where I was able to hone my technical skills, but I knew it was video games that I wanted to do. Now, more than four years later, I’ve never looked back. While working with the Warner Bros Game Audio Team I have worked on various AAA titles in addition to a few indie ones and have loved every minute of it. In addition to my experience with WB, I have contracted work with independent game developers. I also do work with internet video production companies such as Rocketjump to stay busy. I am self motivated to stay busy and get things done on time.

Game sound designer and integrator most recently having finished work on Get Even (Bandai Namco . . . Entertainment Europe) for PC, PS4 & Xbox One, gaining praise such as:
IGN – ‘But perhaps the strongest element of Get Even so far is the sound design’
Edge Magazine #298 – ‘Exceptional audio work’
Polygon – ‘legitimately anxiety-inducing sound design’.

Sound designer and engineer with extensive professional audio experience in podcasting and radio. . . . Freelance clients include: The New York Times, BBC, NPR, Slate, The Guardian, Time Inc., Rick Steves, TED, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and many more. I am available for recording, mixing and sound design work for radio, podcasting film, music and general multimedia production. My field production setup is streamlined for getting the best possible sound quality under all types of acoustic conditions. I also have easy access to a professionally treated recording studio live room. Some notable people I’ve recorded VO for: George Saunders, Colson Whitehead, Anson Mount, Fareed Zakaria, Jim James

Audio engineer full of self-improving eagerness and absolutely capable of getting along within a . . . team-work environment. Proactive and without fears against new challenges, having a logical mind towards problem resolving as well as being creative

As a sound designer in the bustling Mumbai film industry, I have had over 7 years of work experience . . . with the best in the business, thus having developed keen knowledge on the art of sound as a psychological medium. Proficient in Pro Tools and Logic, I can provide experience and expertise in the recording and editing process. I have worked on projects varying from feature length films to documentaries, short films and theatre, gaining the necessary skills to work with a team or individually whilst providing valuable input on the techniques involved to deliver the best results. I also have comprehensive knowledge on the implementation of audio in games, having done a course on the Wwise audio engine (my demo reel should be out in August).

Hey! Thank you for viewing my profile.
I am a first class graduate in digital music with knowledge . . . of Unity and Unreal 4 game engines, Wwise middleware, digital audio workstations such as Ableton Live and Logic Pro, various portable recorders and advanced production techniques and principles. I have worked with few game studios where I was responsible for audio implementation, sound design and music composition. Currently I am working on Trace VR title (Oculus, Playstation VR, HTC Vive).
Please view my reel here:
Skills and proficiencies
Audio implementation using Unity and Unreal, Wwise, Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, Sound Forge, Field Recording, Post Production, knowledge of such audio plugins as NI Komplete, Waves, FabFilter, iZotope Ozone, etc.
Top 5 Favourite Games For Sound Design

Alien Isolation
Battlefield 1
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Resident Evil 7
Uncharted 4

Passionate about music over image composition, I can produce and navigate through several musical . . . styles, varying from epic/orchestral writing, to a more modern electronic color. I produce rich tones that make you travel through a wide range of emotions.
Best regards!

I am a sound editor and designer, now living in Scotland (Thanks to my wife, who says she cant miss . . . the second independence referendum). I spent last 9 years working full time in the field of sound for picture. 8 of those in Warsaw and one year in Glasgow. Mainly in the studio, with ProTools as a main tool, I’ve recorded, cut and mixed sound for almost every type of picture. Working in commercial studios, I’ve specialised in SFX and Sound Design. I’d like to do more narrative work and documentaries, now that I’ve become a freelancer in Scotland.
Making sound for pictures is not only my work but also passion. I have an extensive library of my own recordings gather in studio (Foley library), on sound location jobs (ambiences,atmos, wallas) as well as sounds recorded with my Sony and zoom hand held recorders. My main interests lie in sound design. Ive been big fan of Omnisphere 2 for its organic and complex sound creation possibilities and so its been my first choice for making original sounds.
I also work as a location sound recordist. I own a quality location kit, which I’ve assembled for one man, documentary and TV type of work.
I’m available for both location and post-production work. Check out my vimeo site and dont hasitate to contact if you need a sound guy for your project.

Kieran is a Britain-born Sound Designer and Engineer. He founded Full English Post in 2016 after . . . moving to New York from London. Full English focus on all aspects of audio post production including recording, sound design and mixing. Based in Brooklyn, the company’s mission statement is to offer premium audio for content such as commercials, branded content and documentaries, at a lower price point than it’s Manhattan competitors.
The company believe that creativity and innovation aren’t born with a silver spoon in their mouths, and our clients shouldn’t have to pay a premium price for unnecessary overheads that most large studios incur. This results in less spend from the client budget with the same product delivery.

Fascinated for years by the sound, I integrated broadcasting course of the university of . . . Valenciennes in 2011 where I achieved a master 2 in digital sound effects. I was able to develop thanks to the exempt courses, internships as well as on multiple student projects. I always look forward to train myself and spend a lot of time to refine my skills thanks to miscellaneous resources at my disposal (internet, books, contacts etc).
I am available for all type of productions dealing with sound editing, mix and sound design. I acquired my very own gear for sound editing, sound design, basic mixing and field recording (editing station with Nuendo (up to 5.1) and Protools (Mono/stereo)).

Sound mangler creating custom tailored audio for film and commercials. I collaborate with directors . . . and agencies by handcrafting every tiny element of their soundtrack in order to design a beautiful, unique sonic experience for their visuals. My goal is to help you telling your story through sound.
Founder of Noise Blender, a studio focused on providing premium sound design for film and commercials. I am a Berklee College of Music graduate with a double major Bachelor of Music Degree in Electronic Production & Design and Music Production & Engineering.
My work is trusted by Universal Pictures, Landor, Enel, EY, Sencit Music, and many others. Whether it is Sound Design for commercials or Music for film, my services are always delivered on time and on budget. Get in touch if you want to feature my music or sound design in your next project.

Underscore is a Dutch Game Sound Design studio. Our expertise lies in original soundtrack . . . composition and sound effects for video games.
We provide professional and high quality sound design. From mobile 2D platformers to full fledged VR games with 3D surround sound. Let your game come to life with deeper dimensions in storytelling. Underscore produces your sounds with passion!
Depending on the project requirements we can cover many assets:
Game Sound Design
Foley Recording
Field Recording
Audio Editing & Mastering
Original Soundtrack Composition
Multiple Game Engine Audio Implementation
We understand the creativity and effort it takes to create great games. We add extra immersion by designing unique soundscapes for your game. We deliver sounds that perfectly express you vision. Just like you, we prefer responsive and clear communication. We don’t mind revisions, because ones we are working on your game, It’s our main mission. We keep refining your sounds until we are all completely satisfied with the results.
Check out our website for more information:

Aaron Saloman

Composer, Canada

Specializes in: Film audio
Experience: Veteran

I have 21 years of experience in the professional audio and music industries. I’ve produced, . . . recorded, mixed, and mastered projects for clients in Canada and the US. I’ve placed music on hundreds of network TV shows, composed for video games, and provided session guitar, vocal, and bass. I work full time in music & audio from my studio in Montréal.

Sound Editor and Dubbing Mixer based near Cardiff/Bristol. Mostly worked in Television but a little . . . film too.

Making game audio is a trait deeply grounded in a fundamental understanding of games and their . . . design. After working full time in the danish games industry, I’m currently working freelance for several Indie companies, while being enrolled in a master course in game design at the IT university of Copenhagen – where I seek to gain a deeper understanding of game design and explore the boundaries of game audio.

I am a sound engineer, composer, and sound designer. I have 20 years experience as a sound engineer. . . . During most of this time I worked in Ireland, mostly in music production as a recording, editing and mixing engineer, working on everything from acoustic demos to, electro-pop, to platinum selling artists (Jack L). I have also worked as a mastering engineer and have been involved in audio restoration projects and dialogue editing. I have a Masters Degree in Music Technology. I have worked on sound-to-image projects as an engineer and also as a composer. I am also a musician and sound artist which involves synthesis and experimental sound design. I produce all kinds of electronic music and often work with field recordings. I see my strengths as having a great deal of experience in both technical and creative sound production as well as problem solving.

I am a professional sound designer who works in AAA game industry over 4 years. I am currently an . . . audio artist at Electronic Arts. My Career in AAA game audio field started at The Coalition ( one of the Microsoft Game Studios) in Vancouver 4 years ago. Since then, I have been working on various AAA games, as well as many Indie games.

Oliver Smith

Sound designer, UK

Specializes in: Game audio
Experience: Beginner

Sound Designer for Games, Film and Interactive Media

After graduating from College in 2012 I took my first steps in the audio Industry as a Production . . . Sound Mixer. By now I work as a Sound-Editor, Sound Designer and Dialouge Editor for Movie an Advertising Productions.

If I were to meet you in real life, I would shake your hand and tell you “My name is George Hufnagl. . . . It’s great to meet you!” And it would be great, because meeting new people is great. The conversation would naturally lead to how I delight in working with game developers, live performers, toy makers, writers, and creative people of varying bents . If we hit it off, we might share ideas and laugh at all the silly ones, but then we’d land on something special. True story. Here’s how I can help:
SOUND DESIGN: sound effects, user interface audio, ambient tones, audio editing – I can assist in crafting a great user experience for the right audience.
MUSIC: from a catchy, melodic hook to an upbeat back track, I love creating whimsical, playful music with a heavy dose of levity.
AUDIO CONSULTING: Whether in pre-alpha or post-production, I can serve as a guide through your sound design decisions.

As the owner and creative director of Soularity Sound, Korey has worked on a variety of narrative . . . and documentary projects including Steve Mims’ latest documentary, “Starving the Beast,” Deepak Chetty’s 3d Sci-Fi Thriller, “Hard Reset,” and Nancy Schiesari’s documentary, “Canine Soldiers.” Korey also joined the Soundcrafter team in 2013 and has since worked on many television shows and films including “Shipping Wars,” “My 600lb Life,” “Manglehorn,” “Boyhood,” and “Everybody Wants Some!!”