Specializes in:

Film audio

Other skills

Game audio integration, Foley Artist

Highlighted references

• Polis 96I3

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About Filip Stefanowski

Sound designer | Poland

My name is Filip.
I am a Sound Design Artist.
I design sounds. All kinds of sounds. Starting from footsteps and ending with the epic booms you hear in blockbuster trailers. I have worked in lots of different areas of sound engineering and post, such as: Sound Designer, Supervising Sound Editor/Mixer for feature films and animation, Boom Operator, Field Recordist, Audio Editor, Foley Artist and more.
I am always looking for talented new collaborators and clients.


YearProject nameClientRole
2016Polis 96I3LokomotionSound designer
2015War GameAurora PicturesSound designer, Foley artist
2015Party GirlRoma ZachembaSound designer
2015Rap BradersGdynia Film SchoolPost-production sound supervisor
2014PrzeswityNon Stop KolorField recordist, Foley artist


YearAwardAwarded for
2016Haunted FX LibraryBlastwave FX Scream Contest

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