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About Frank Neumann

Sound designer | Particular Sound | Germany

German sound designer who worked for a lot of companies making voicing for there synthesizer, on my list are companies like Yamaha Europe, Ableton, Waldorf, NI, reFX, LinPlug, MOTU and a lot of more known companies.


YearProject nameClientRole
2014 BazilleU-HeSound Designer, Beta tester
2014 SerumXferrecordsSound designer, beta tester
2014 SpectralLinPlug virtual instrumentsSound designer, beta tester, developer, synth demos
2013 Bassline 101Togu Audio LineSound designer, beta tester, sound demos
2012 CrX4LinPlug virtual instrumentsSound designer, beta tester, sound demos
2011 Mach5MOTU, USASound designer, beta tester, sample support
2008 AlchemyCamel AudioSound designer, beta tester
2004 Future synthesis soundsetWaldorf MusicSound designer (voicing), synth demo
2004 Dance & Trance soundsetYamaha EuropeSound designer (voicing)
2004 Pro53 factory soundsNative Instruments / EasysoundsSound designer (voicing)
2015 AphelionParticular-SoundSound design, sample editing, recording, voicing, Kontakt scripting
2015 ObscoriumSugar BytesSound designer, beta tester

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