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Sound Design, Composition, Implementation, Voice Direction

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Audio director | AudBod | UK

Kenny Young is a BAFTA and AIAS nominated audio director, sound designer and composer who has been delighting music lovers and ears for years – as the driving force behind the celebrated audio experiences in Media Molecule’s LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway franchises, millions have enjoyed his unique blend of tradition, originality and attention to detail.

Kenny is a passionate member of the game audio community, is a founding volunteer of the Audio Mentoring Project, sits on the Game Developers Conference advisory board, has been a BAFTA, GANG and IGF awards juror, contributed towards numerous books and award winning articles, and speaks regularly at conferences and higher education institutions around the world.


YearProject nameClientRole
2008LittleBigPlanetMedia MoleculeAudio Director, Sound Designer, Composer
2011LittleBigPlanet 2Media MoleculeAudio Director, Sound Designer, Composer
2013TearawayMedia MoleculeAudio Director, Sound Designer, Composer
2015Tearaway UnfoldedMedia MoleculeAudio Director, Sound Designer, Composer
2016TetheredSecret SorcerySound Designer, Composer
2017WonderWorldsGlowmadeComposer, Sound Designer
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YearAwardAwarded for
2018GANG Best Music For An Indie Game (nominee)WonderWorlds
2017GANG Best Interactive Score (nominee)Tethered
2016GANG Music Of The Year (nominee)Tearaway Unfolded
2014BAFTA Best Music (nominee)Tearaway
2014GDC Best Audio (nominee)Tearaway
2014GANG Best Handheld Audio (winner)Tearaway
2014SXSW Excellence in Musical Score (nominee)Tearaway
2012GDC Best Audio (nominee)LittleBigPlanet 2
2012GANG Best Use Of Licensed Music (nominee)LittleBigPlanet 2
2012AIAS Outstanding Achievement in Original Music Composition (nominee)LittleBigPlanet 2
2009GANG Best Original Instrumen (winner)LittleBigPlanet
2009GANG Best Interactive Score (winner)LittleBigPlanet
2009GANG Music Of The Year (nominee)LittleBigPlanet
2009GANG Sound Design Of The Year (nominee)LittleBigPlanet
2009GANG Audio Of The Year (nominee)LittleBigPlanet
2009GANG Best Dialogue (nominee)LittleBigPlanet
2009GANG Best Original Vocal: Choral (nominee)LittleBigPlanet
2009GANG Best Use Of Licensed Music (nominee)LittleBigPlanet
2009BAFTA Original Score (nominee)LittleBigPlanet
2009BAFTA Best Audio (nominee)LittleBigPlanet
2009GDC Best Audio (nominee)LittleBigPlanet
2009AIAS Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design (nominee)LittleBigPlanet
2009AIAS Outstanding Achievement in Soundtrack (nominee)LittleBigPlanet
2009TEC Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Entertainment Sound Production (nominee)LittleBigPlanet
2009CEDEC Best Sound (nominee)LittleBigPlanet
2008VGA Best Soundtrack (nominee)LittleBigPlanet
2008VGA Best Original Score (nominee)LittleBigPlanet


2003Bournemouth UniversityMA Sound Design for the Moving Image (with distinction)
2002University of EdinburghBMus (Hons) Music Technology (2:1)

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