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Field Recording, Sound Editing, Re-Recording Mixing, Game Audio

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About Lewis Thompson

Composer | Lewis Thompson Sound | UK

Lewis is a composer with a few other strings on his bow. With his background in contemporary music, he enjoys writing exciting, melody-driven soundtracks for films/games in a wide range of modern musical genres. He’s played guitar for over half of his life, has years of experience composing within digital audio workstations, and takes inspiration from composers such as John Williams, Heitor Pereira, Tomoya Ohtani, and Danny Baranowski.

Aside from composing, Lewis has experience in sound design, field recording, audio post production, dynamic music, and game audio integration. He’s always looking to get involved with new projects, so please feel free to drop him a message!

Lewis is currently working full time as an Assistant Composer.


YearProject nameClientRole
2016 Cigarettes and AlcoholAndré Meehan, Nicolas TothSound Designer, Re-Recording Mixer
2017 Snowman on a SledPinwheel GamesComposer
2017 Nano Drug Delivery ChallengeBlack Lizard InteractiveComposer, Sound Designer
2017 These Small Worlds (Game Jam)Adam Curtis, Tim WattsComposer, Sound Designer
2016 The Lamellar Project: AgriculturePursued By A Bear ProductionsBoom Operator
2016 Killed By Kindness (Game Jam)Liam de ValmencySound Designer
2016 Colour Stuff (Game Jam)Liam de ValmencyComposer
2016 I Beleaf In You (Game Jam)Rosa Carbo-MascarellComposer
2017 Small Steps (Game Jam)Federico FasceComposer
2016 Duck Build (Game Jam)Liam de ValmencySound Designer
2016 Sunday DinnerRebecca BuckmanBoom Operator, Re-Recording Mixer, Sound Designer
2016 Tykki DefenseTykki GamesComposer
2017 Friends Friends Friends (Game Jam)Liam de ValmencyComposer, Sound Designer
2017Hearing Aid (Game Jam)Henry ScottSound Designer
2017PlanetBall 2000 (Game Jam)Guildford Game Jam TeamComposer, Sound Designer
2017One Small Step (Game Jam)Liam de ValmencySound Designer
2018 TrailblazersSupergonkQuality Assurance, Additional Sound Design
2017 Trixel RocketBliz StudioComposer, Sound Designer


2017The Academy of Contemporary MusicCreative Sound Design
2015The Sixth Form College, FarnboroughA2 Music Technology (A)

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