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Specializes in:

Film audio

Other skills

Sound editor, composing, electronic music

Highlighted references

• Ferrari
• Moesgaard Museum

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Sound designer | nv_audio | Denmark

SCO Cykler from nv audio

Nerd, sound designer, and coffee lover combined in one body.


YearProject nameClientRole
2016 DownfallWiredflySound Designer & Composer
2016Norner – Art Installation at UtzonBECK TextilesSound Designer
2016 WordpharmacyWiredflySound Designer
2016Castello TV CommercialMoment FotografiComposer
2016 Art Andersen Cph – CommercialMoment FotografiComposer
2016LEGO ClassicM2FilmSound Design
2016Grå – Video InstallationKatja BjørnSound Designer & Composer
2016Midnight Greeting – Short FilmRichard RaskinSound Design
2016Børns Vilkår – 3 CommercialsNørlumSound Design & Composer
2015Aarhus Motion/DGI CommercialMoment FotografiSound Designer & Composer
2015Kamstrup Brand FilmMoment FotografiSound Design
201510 Short Films for LEGO FoundationM2FilmSound Design
2015LEGO Manufacturing FilmM2FilmSound Designer and Composer
2015Karolinegaarden CommercialMoment FotografiSound Designer
2015Kamstrup Corporate Film #2Moment FotografiSound Designer
2015Sound Kamstrup CorporateMoment FotografiSound Designer & Composer
2014Moesgaard Museum – Jernalder MosenM2Film & Moesgaard MuseumSound Designer & Composer
2014Moesgaard Museum – Bronzealder HøjenM2Film & Moesgaard MuseumSound Designer & Composer
2014Moesgaard Museum – HimmelrummetM2Film & Moesgaard MuseumSound Designer & Composer
2014Moesgaard Museum – Grauballemanden DocumentaryM2Film & Moesgaard MuseumSound Designer & Composer
2014 LEGO Foundation: Cultures of Creativity FilmM2FilmComposer
2014 Hummel CommericalHummel & M2FilmSound Designer & Composer
2014Georgi – Danish Short FilmSound Designer
2014Video Installation by Katja Bjørn @ Horsens MuseumKatja BjørnSound Designer & Composer
2014Video Installation by Katja Bjørn @ Charlotte Fogh GalleryKatja BjørnComposer

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