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Game audio

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Wwise, Unity, C#, Film Post-Production, Mixing, Mastering

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About Oscar Coen

Sound designer | USA | Massachusetts

Video games have been a huge part of my life even since before I could walk. Sound takes a game from being just a game to a memorable life experience. The sparkle noises of my fairy partner, the calming sound of a freshly lit bonfire, the horrifying screeches of the undead, and that oh so wonderful ding every time I level up. I want to keep creating those sounds that stick in gamer’s heads and bring them back to their greatest adventures, even after they’ve hung up their magic shields and talking swords.


YearProject nameClientRole
2017 DwarfcorpCompletely Fair Games LLCSound Designer
2017 CocoVerseScott Greenwald, MIT Media LabAudio Lead/Sound Designer
2015 Hicaz Saz Samai (Garip)Saifeddine HelalRecording Engineer, Mix Engineer
2016 Nevado Trailer (English)Araque Films, Dreamworks AnimationVoice Actor (The Tyrant)
2016 LeechAlex BrissonAudio Repair, Foley Artist, Sound Designer, Sound Editor
2017CañaDanniel RodriguezSound Designer
2017 The Wayward IslesIronheartSound Designer
2017 BlockspellApocrypha LLCTechnical Sound Designer


YearAwardAwarded for
2017McDSP AwardAwarded in recognition of grades, quality of work, and overall level of effort to make the most out of a degree from Berklee
2017Hearst Scholarship FundThis award is designed to recognize outstanding musical and academic achievement by a dual music production and engineering and electronic production and design major (preference) or a single major within the Music Technology Division. Financial need demonstrated through submission of the appropriate documentation is also required to qualify. The ideal candidate will demonstrate a passion for learning and sharing their knowledge with others and contribute positively to the Music Technology Division.


2017Berklee College of MusicDual Major in Music Production & Engineering and Electronic Production & Sound Design with a minor in Video Game Audio

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