Specializes in:

Game audio

Other skills

Composing, Wwise Proficiency, UE4 Audio Integration

Highlighted references

• Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin
• Tiltbrush VR
• Psychonauts 2

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About Paul O’Rourke

Sound designer | Double Fine Productions | USA | California

Paul O’Rourke is a lifelong musician and gamer working at Double Fine Productions as a Senior Sound Designer. Playing in bands and working in the game industry as a Quality Assurance tester, he enlisted at Pyramind to learn about professional audio. Shortly after graduating Paul started working at Double Fine Productions and has been with the company for close to 7 years.


YearProject nameClientRole
2011 Sesame Street: Once Upon a MonsterDouble Fine ProductionsDialogue Editing, Volume Graphing
2012 Double Fine Happy Action TheaterDouble Fine ProductionsFMOD Project Management, Sound Producer, Composer
2012 Middle Manager of JusticeDouble Fine ProductionsSound Designer
2012 Kinect PartyDouble Fine ProductionsComposer
2013 The CaveDouble Fine ProductionsSound Designer
2013 DropchordDouble Fine ProductionsComposer
2014 Broken AgeDouble Fine ProductionsSound Designer
2014 Hack n SlashDouble Fine ProductionsLead Sound Designer
2014 Costume Quest 2Double Fine ProductionsLead Sound Designer
2015 Grim Fandango RemasteredDouble Fine ProductionsVolume Graphing, Dialogue Editing
2016 Day of the Tentacle RemasteredDouble Fine ProductionsRestored and remastered all sound and music
2017 Psychonauts in the Rhombus of RuinDouble Fine ProductionsLead Sound Designer, Additional Composer
2017 Full Throttle RemasteredDouble Fine ProductionsVolume Graphing, Localization
2018 Psychonauts 2Double Fine ProductionsLead Sound Designer
2016 TiltBrush VRGoogle IncLead Sound Designer
2017 Punch PlanetSector-K GamesLead Sound Designer, Composer


2009PyramindAudio Production

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