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Other skills

Mixing Engineering, Producing, Composing, Sound Design

Highlighted references

• EABS – Repetitions (Letters To Krzysztof Komeda) – Mixing Engineer
• kIRk – Za ostatni grosz – Composer, Producer, Mixing Engineer
• Teielte – Magnetic Soul/Magnetic Tree – Mastering Engineer

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FAQ, About

About Pawel Bartnik

Sound mastering | heavyweight.pro | Poland

My name is Pawel Bartnik and I’m mixing & mastering engineer. I’m working in my studio heavyweight.pro which is located in Plock, Poland. I’m working for great artist from all over the world. Specialized in modern music genres – from alternative pop, through electronic, dub, industrial, to jazz, improv and experimental. I’m also producer responsible for sound of kIRk band (https://kirkband.bandcamp.com/) and working solo as DJ Sajko (http://www.juno.co.uk/products/dj-sajko-cutman/598355-01/).


YearProject nameClientRole
2011 kIRk – Msza Święta w BrąswałdziekIRkComposer, Producer, Mixing Engineer
2013 kIRk – Zła krewkIRkComposer, Producer, Mixing Engineer
2013 odaibe – Monte SilentiiodaibeMastering Engineer
2015 FASRAT Compilation #1Father And Son Records And TapesMastering Engineer
2016 dj sajko – cutmanFather And Son Records And TapesComposer, Producer, Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer
2016 WIDT – WIDTWIDTMixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer
2016 Mammoth Ulthana – Particular FactorsZoharumMastering Engineer
2016 Das Komplex – PuddingFather And Son Records And TapesMastering Engineer
2016 drewnofromlas – ilekolwiek / moc remixesGhetto InstituteMastering Engineer
2016 DCMS – Dokalski/Cieślak/Miarczyński/SteinbrichFundacja Kaisera SözeMastering Engineer
2016 Niemoc – ParamariboFather And Son Records And TapesMastering Engineer
2016 Jaubi – The Deconstructed EgoAstigmatic RecordsRestoring, Mastering Engineer
2016 DJ Fulltono – groove 1outlinesMastering Engineer
2017 Naphta/Braki – Under The FacePawlacz PerskiMastering Engineer
2017 EABS – Repetitions (Letters To Krzysztof Komeda)Astigmatic RecordsMixing Engineer
2017 kIRk – Za ostatni groszkIRkComposer, Producer, Mixing Engineer
2017 Teielte – Magnetic Soul/Magnetic TreeFather And Son Records And TapesMastering Engineer
2017 COMOC – Wind Is In The EastPolish JukeMastering Engineer

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