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Game audio

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Game Audio Implementation, Audio Editing, Composing, Pure data/MAX

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Sound designer | 8th Shore | USA | Washington

Hello, I’m Phillip Klassen.

I’m a Composer and Sound Designer who’s passionate about video games and audio technology. I am a recent graduate from DigiPen Institute of Technology with a BA in Music and Sound Design.

At DigiPen I worked on 9 different game teams in roles varying from Sound Design, Composer, Audio Lead (managing other Sound Designers/Composers), Audio Implementor. Junior year I was awarded a Game Audio Network Guild scholarship for my work on Animus Fault, a first person shooter which involved randomized non-linear music. At the beginning of my second semester I started interning at 8th Shore where I am currently Audio Lead.

As Audio Lead at 8th Shore I work on all their current projects doing Sound Design, Music, Trailers, and any media/audio required work. At 8th Shore I have worked on 5 different projects two of which have released on Steam and arcades (Nightmare Grotto, InVokeR).

I am always learning and interested in everything! Thanks for stopping by my page and feel free to ask me anything or share a current project.

Phillip Klassen

(US, UK, & CA citizen)


YearProject nameClientRole
2017 InVokeR8th ShoreComposer & Sound Designer
2017 Nightmare Grotto8th ShoreAudio Lead, Sound Design


YearAwardAwarded for
2017GANG ScholarNonlinear Music Composition in student project ‘Animus Fault’


2017DigiPen Institute of TechnologyBA in Music & Sound Design

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