Specializes in:

Film audio

Other skills

Score composer, music producer, conductor, academic teacher

Highlighted references

• “Father Kadylo” – TV Star 2012 (Documental Film, Ukraine)
• Monochromatic CD (2015) – Music for Balet (dedicated to EuroMaydan in Kiev)
• Pontifical Liturgy of Saint John Chrisostom (CD 2000)

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About Roman I. Drozd

Composer | Academy of Music in Lodz (Poland) | Poland

In the music I see good face of humanity and traces of the Creator. I am fascinated by the cosmological dimension of music. As a score composer, I am deeply rooted in classical and modern symphonicism. I have a very modern music production studio and big experiences how working with new technology. I am academic teacher (conducting and computer technology in the work of modern composer). As a conductor I have won many awards with vocal ensembles.


YearProject nameClientRole
2010 EurovisionTheatre of Vladimir Nazarow in Moscowcomposer and arranger
2008 Soundtrack for 26 sitcomsNational Polish TVsoundtrack composer
2006CD Pid OblachkomVocal Quartet “Pid Oblachkom” from Torontocomposer and arranger
2008 CD “Nadia”CD album for Nadia Kobelak from Torontoarranger
2012 Overture “Foot-moll” Euro 2012 for Mixed Choir and Symphonic Orch.National Polish TV (special Live concert dedicated to Euro 2012 (football)composer


YearAwardAwarded for
2001Money PrizeCD Album “Liturgia Pontificale di San Giovanni Crisostomo” – Rector of Pomeranien Academy in Slupsk (Poland)
2005Best conductorInternational Choir Competition “Te Deum” (Poland)
0Money Prizefor soundtrack “Fire and Arms” Toronto 2008
2010Award of the Minister of Culture of Ukrainefor the whole of creativity associated with Ukraine
2002Money PrizeBest choral composition “Three drops of sorrow”


1996Pontificio Istituto di Musica Sacra a Roma – ItaliaComposizione – Prof. D. Bartolucci
1995Pomeranien AcademyInstitut of Music – Prof. H. Stiller (conducting)
1989KUL Lublin PolandProf. A. Nikodemowicz

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