Specializes in:

Film audio

Other skills

Dialogue edit, Audio restoration, Game audio, Mixing, Composer

Highlighted references

• Idyll, Blade productions
• Dark Matter, Interwave studios
• Dream Of Pixels, Dawn Of Play

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About Tom Lemajič

Sound designer | Tom Lemajič s.p. | Slovenia

I’m a simple guy that likes to work on complicated audio tasks. I enjoy projects that present a challenge. I work with sound every day for the past 10 years. Sound is my profession since I have my own sonic screwdriver. I exchanged that ”more cowbell” for a sonic screwdriver. Obviously I’m a Dr. Who fan…


YearProject nameClientRole
2015 IdyllBlade ProductionsDialog Editor, Foley,
2012 Dream Of PixelsDawn Of PlaySound Designer, Composer
2013Dark MatterInterwave studiosSound Design, Composer
2012Little GhostRTV SlovenijaSound Designer, Dialog Editor, Foley
2014VOYAGER/ DR. MAVRETIČRTV SlovenijaSound Designer,Dialog edit, Foley, Final Mix
2017Last ManPredrag RadulovičSound Designer, Composer
2017 Slovenija Avstralia in jutri ves svetPerfo productionsDialog editor, Sound designer, Foley artist
2017 ApoptosisStrup produkcijaSound designer, Special sound fx designer
2017Year of the MonkeyStrup produkcijaSound designer, Foley artist, Dialog editor
2017Martin KrpanStrup produkcijaSound designer, Foley artist
2017 AmadablamFilm HorizontSound designer, Foley artist, Final Mix


YearAwardAwarded for
2015FSF best feature filmIdyll
2017FGF official selectionAmadablam


2008SaeAudio Engineering
2011Middlesex UniversityMedia production management

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