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20 great new audio jobs at Meta, Bang & Olufsen, Black Shamrock, Ringtail, Bulkhead, Atomic Arcade, Turn 10 Studios, CD Projekt Red, Ubisoft, AudioLab York, Rock Square Thunder, Into the Unknown, Build a Rocket Boy, People Can Fly, Quantic Dream, The School of Arts and Creative Industries, ZeniMax, Twine, and Trollwood Performing Arts

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Wanted: Research Intern for Spatial Audio Capture and Reproduction, Senior Sound Designer, Audio Programmer, Senior Audio Programmer, Media Sound Designer, Audio Director, Sound Designer Assistant, Sound Designer, Sound Designer/Engineer, Research Scientist Intern – Audio Generation and Generative AI, Senior Audio Designer, Sound Designer, Lead DSP Engineer, Teaching & Scholarship Lecturer, Junior Sound Designer, AI Creative Tools in Music and Games, Senior Voice Over Supervisor, Sound Designer/Mix Engineer, and Sound Designer/Audio Director

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