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About Balázs Győri

Foley artist | | Hungary

During my years of education, I acquired degrees in mechanical engineering, production technology, and as a bass-guitar artist. I was the the bass guitarist and F.O.H engineer of popular bands in Hungary (Pa-dö-dö, Sugarloaf and Republic).

Meanwhile I worked at Déjà Vu studio as sound engineer and we won 13 “Golden Record” awards, and I contributed to the recording of more than 200 records. I worked as a dubbing editor and mixer for 5 years as well.

From 2013, I began to receive more creative work opportunities in the film- and television industry, as I started a sound editor / sound designer job at Sony Picture Entertainment CE.

Combining the advantages of the analytic thinking of an engineer with the artistic creativity of a musician helps me discover and exploit the depths and opportunities of foley, find the ways which makes this part of post-production work a creative means of storytelling instead of just a necessary technical element on the timeline.
Since 2014, foley has become my main creative domain: I have recorded and edited the foley tracks of more than 60 film- and tv productions.

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Year Award Awarded for
2020 Tagore International Film Festival OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT AWARD SOUND DESIGN Night Song

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