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Specializes in:

Film audio

Other skills

Sound Design, Re-recording Mixer, Sound Editor

Highlighted references

• City of Lost Children, Misha Vertkin
• O! Black Hole, Renee Zhan
• Nestor, Joao Gonzalez

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Sound designer | UK

Odeon – iSense from Jack Turner on Vimeo.

I’m a Sound Designer, completely passionate about sound for moving image and always on the hunt for new projects!

I cut my teeth at Fountain Studios, working on some of the biggest live entertainment shows on UK TV, whilst always using the facilities at my disposal to work on short films and narrative, gradually moving towards bigger projects.

Then studying at the NFTS expanded my use of cinematic language and storytelling, as well as sharpening my technical skills to a very high standard. While there I worked on many exciting and ambitious projects including creating a dystopian near future refugee camp, and imagining the sound inside a Black Hole.

On graduation I received the Avid Award for Excellence in Sound Design for my work on The City of Lost Children, for which I am also a finalist in the Music and Sound Awards. I was also re-recording mixer for Nestor, which won Best Sound Design and Music (beating Netflix’s Klaus!), and best Student film at the Ibero-American Animation awards.

I love to create new worlds with sound, as I know that it can add a new dimension to any footage and engage the audience more with the characters and the story.


Year Award Awarded for
2020 Avid Award for Best Sound Design NFTS City of Lost Children
2020 Best Sound Design and Music Nestor
2020 Best Sound Design in a Short Film City of Lost Children (Finalist)


Year School Course
2014 Leeds Beckett University Music Technology
2020 NFTS Sound Design

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