Specializes in:

Film audio

Other skills

Sound Design, Field Recording, Editing, Sound Assisting

Highlighted references

• Last Chance (Short Film), Steven Chamberlain
• Removed (Short Film), Anna Fywell

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Sound editor | UK

I’m a friendly sound editor and mixer based in London with 5 years of experience working in television, film, music and spoken word and a variety of skills. Like an audio handyman, there’s no job too big or too small for me, and I will always work with you to create the professional product that you’ve been looking for!

I studied Music Technology BSc at Leeds Beckett and The Northern Film School, with an emphasis on Sound Design and Mixing for Film, and have since been working in studio television, on shows such as Britain’s Got Talent and X Factor in the sound department.

I have recorded and mixed many live music sessions and short films, edited Voice Over/Podcast content and have experience creating karaoke backing tracks.

Services I offer:
Mixing and Editing audio for Video projects to RME loudness standardisation which will comply with all regulations
Mixing and Mastering music recordings, either for live recordings or overdubbed projects
Bespoke Sound Design for Film, Radio, Podcast, Logos or Game projects
Backing track creation or music transcription from an audio recording
Podcast, Voiceover and Audiobook editing and mixing to create a professional sounding product
Audio Restoration using iZotope noise reduction tools to clean up badly recorded sound

Software I own and am familiar with:
Avid Pro Tools
Audacity Editor
Apple Logic
Waves Plugins
iZotope Noise Reduction Tools
Adobe Audition
Cockos Reaper


Year School Course
2014 Leeds Beckett University Music Technology

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