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Specializes in:

Game audio

Other skills

Sound design, Foley, Editing, Voice recording, Unity integration

Highlighted references

• Daedalic Bavaria
• Travian Games
• Broken Games

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About Julian Colbus

Composer | Mediacracy Music | Germany

I am German-based freelance composer and sound designer Julian Alexander Colbus. I create music and sound for your multimedia project.

I started playing the piano in 1996, when I was six years old. I have taken 11 years of pop, 2 years of classic and 2 years of jazz piano lessons and participated in countless bands of very different genres. In 2012, I started building up my own sound studio, in which I now work as a freelance composer and producer.

I can be reached via e-mail (in English, German, French or Dutch):


Year Project name Client Role
2015 Factory of the Future Airbus Group Composer
2015 NABU Saarland – Die NaturschutzMacher Naturschutzbund Composer, Sound designer, Voice actor
2015-2017 Rise of Legions Broken Games Composer
2015 Access Granted podcast music & audio logo Access Granted podcast Composer, Sound designer
2014-2016 Die Zwuggels am Meer Ploosh GmbH Composer, Sound designer
2016 Image films Premium Aerotec Sound designer
2016 Teaser & Trailer Indie Arena Booth Composer, cutter
2016 Shift Happens voices & cutscenes Klonk Games Sound designer
2016 “Freedom” video clip Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung Composer
2017 Rigips browser game Rigips Composer, sound designer
2016 Commercial intro clips Western Digital Composer, sound designer
2016 Intro clip TEDx Talks TU Berlin Composer
2016 Press Play music & audio logo Press Play podcast Composer, sound designer
2017 Steam Pumpkins United Soft Media, Klonk Games Composer, sound designer
2017 Interactive pavilion installation Naturschutzbund Composer, sound designer
2017 Youtube ad Travian games Composer, sound designer
2017 The Ballad Singer (Kickstarter campaign) Curtel Games Sound designer
TBA Prosperous Universe simulogics Composer, sound designer
2018 Die Legenden von Andor mobile USM, Daedalic Bavaria Composer, sound designer
2018 Kosmos Monster Maker Kosmos, Daedalic Bavaria Composer, sound designer

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