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Voice actor | Kevin Talks | USA | Washington

Kevin’s impressions throughout his life led to many saying “you’re fit for voiceover”. Thinking he could just pick up a mic, he tried out a full year of pay-to-play voice over work, with little avail. It wasn’t the end of Kevin though, for he picked himself up from his initial failure and trained with industry professionals such as Dave Fennoy, Tony Oliver, Marc Graue, Crispin Freeman, and Richard Horvitz.

After undergoing a Rocky-esque transformation in his acting, Kevin fell for a girl and chased her to Washington state – a frigid environment not fit for life. Whilst there, he set up a home studio from which he has recorded for many projects ranging from the smallet indie titles to well known PC and mobile games.

Kevin strives to work with other audio professionals in molding his performance to meld within the soundscape that his performance exists in. It is Kevin’s true pleasure to be directed by passionate game developers and help them create audio shivers down the spine.

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