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About Marcel Gnauk

Field recordist | freetousesounds llc | USA | Colorado

Hi Everyone,

My name is Marcel and I am the co-founder of and Free To Use SOunds is a high quality sound library visited by thousands of creative people looking for sounds each every month and WavKind is our new clothing line company with new cool shirt designs catered to the sound community.

As an independent location sound recordist and entrepreneur, I travel full time since 2015 across the world and record sounds for novice sound artists to professional sound designers working in the film, music, video game industry, animation or even record and create video content for YouTubers and myself to archive this sound journey.

Zoom F8n
Zoom F4
Zoom H6
Zoom H3VR
DPA 4060
Lom Usi Pro
Lom Usi Pro Micro
Soundman OKM Rockstudio ||
Priezor Electromagnetic Antenna
AKG C 411 Contact Microphone
Limpet Mic Hydrophone
Wildtronics Stereo/Mono Parabolic Dish

We are currently in Denver, Colorado!

You need a special sound recording from somewhere in this world? No problem, so feel free reaching out to me anytime via social media or email at

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