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About Maximo Murrone

Composer | Argentina

I am a lifelong musician with a passion for composition that dates back to my childhood. Proficient in guitar, bandoneon, and vocals, I bring a rich musical background to the table. My unique perspective is shaped by my architectural studies and degree, which have instilled in me a keen sense of creating soundscapes akin to visual landscapes.

Music, for me, is more than just notes; it’s a reflection of spaces and emotions. With a solid foundation in architecture, I believe I can make significant contributions to any production by crafting immersive and evocative sound and visual environments.

I am eager to venture into the world of film music, and I see every project as an opportunity to blend my musical prowess with my architectural sensibilities. I look forward to collaborating with like-minded creatives and contributing my skills to bring a unique dimension to your productions.

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