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Film audio

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Avid Pro Tools, Sound Devices, Focusrite, Atmos, Foley, SFX, Final Mix

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About Nabeelah Hendricks

Sound designer | South Africa

I have 2 years practical experience with both on-set and post-production sound. I specialized in film sound design but am interested in expanding into gaming audio as well. Some of my skills include recording (on-set and in studio), ADR, dubbing, SFX, building soundscapes, final mix, 5.1 surround sound mixing, track naming and folder structure, etc. I have proficiency in Pro Tools, Sound Devices, and Focusrite hardware. And I like cats.

I discovered my passion for sound through the adrenaline rush you get when sitting in the cinema and the surround sound is really good, from that one time my lecturer told me to build the soundscape of a Sunday, from stealing concrete slabs and bricks to record foley , and from the late nights in the sound editing lab spent with other sound designers taking 10min naps under the tables.

I absolutely love post-production work, whether it’s editing, recording foley, building soundscapes, or the final mix stage. I don’t mind the long hours post-production takes because it doesn’t feel like work to me. I do what I love.


Year School Course
2017 AFDA BAMPM Undergraduate/Sound Design

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