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Sound Design, Music Composing, Implementation

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Composer | Israel

-I have been working with game development teams of various sizes, using Unity 4 through 5 through 2017.2.1, and composing music, designing sounds, editing and implementing audio exclusively for games over the past 3 years.

-I have helped shipping 50+ games, some of which have reached dozens of millions of installs, on various platforms; Steam, iOS, Android, Web and also physical VR simulations.

-I am experienced in using Unity’s build in audio engine, and in Wwise and FMOD. I got minimal coding skills, but broad understanding of scripting principals and strong communication with programmers and designers, to ensure the game’s audio goals are met.

-I am also experienced in handling Voice Overs, from casting actors, maintaining scripts, working closely with the actors, processing and editing all dialogue files and integrating them into the engine.


Year Project name Client Role
2015 Into The War Small Town Studios Sound Designer, Composer
2016 Cyber Chicken Groupees Sound Designer, Composer
2017 Ripple Playrock Studios Sound Designer, Composer
2017 Relik Iron 27 Sound Designer, Composer


Year Award Awarded for
2014 Grand Prize Winner Scorbit Sound Design Contest
2015 Nominee Best Audio – Canadian Videogame Awards
2016 Winner Noteflight Video Game Scoring Contest
2016 Winner Outstanding Achievement – Video Game Music, Composition/Composer


Year School Course
2013 BPM College of Music Sound Design & Electronic Music Production
2014 Berklee Online Game Audio, Film & TV Scoring and World Music Composition
2015 EIS Equal Interval System Private Studies in Composition, Orchestration & Arranging
2016 Berklee Online Interactive Scoring for Games

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