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Wwise, Unity, C#, Film Post-Production, Mixing, Mastering

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About Oscar Coen

Sound designer | USA | Massachusetts

Hello! My name is Oscar and I make sounds for games!

I graduated Berklee in Summer of 2017 and started my career, working with local indie developers and helping them make great games. In addition to indie games, I also did sound work at the MIT Media lab on experimental VR applications and taught sound design and VR audio as a TA at MIT.

I frequently give talks on sound design and love to experiment and share ideas with my fellow sound designers to push the art form forward. My passion for sharing ideas led me to become one of the organizers for Game Audio Boston, which is a monthly meet up group in the greater Boston area focused on all things game audio. I hope to continue developing myself as a sound designer and the art itself as well.


Year Project name Client Role
2017 Dwarfcorp Completely Fair Games LLC Sound Designer
2017 CocoVerse Scott Greenwald, MIT Media Lab Audio Lead/Sound Designer
2015 Hicaz Saz Samai (Garip) Saifeddine Helal Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer
2016 Nevado Trailer (English) Araque Films, Dreamworks Animation Voice Actor (The Tyrant)
2016 Leech Alex Brisson Audio Repair, Foley Artist, Sound Designer, Sound Editor
2017 Caña Danniel Rodriguez Sound Designer
2017 The Wayward Isles Ironheart Sound Designer
2017 Blockspell Apocrypha LLC Technical Sound Designer


Year Award Awarded for
2017 McDSP Award Awarded in recognition of grades, quality of work, and overall level of effort to make the most out of a degree from Berklee
2017 Hearst Scholarship Fund This award is designed to recognize outstanding musical and academic achievement by a dual music production and engineering and electronic production and design major


Year School Course
2017 Berklee College of Music Dual Major in Music Production & Engineering and Electronic Production & Sound Design with a minor in Video Game Audio

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