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soundtracks, sound effects, jingles, songs, sound design

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Composer | USA | California

My passion is composing and producing music for television, film, and vocalists of various genres. I’ve worked for world-renowned recording studios but have decided to focus my efforts on producing music out of my home studio. You will have a hard time finding an easier person to get along with who takes their work as seriously as I do. Whether you are looking for a custom-made score, or a fresh, modern catalog tracks, I will work my hardest and fastest to give you the most outstanding product you could hope for. My goal is to deliver your product in 2-7 days. Please message me with any questions about my skill set, rates, or equipment. I look forward to making some great music with you ??


Year School Course
2014 Omega Studios’ School Comprehensive Music Industry Program
2012 Temple University English Literature

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