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composing, mixing, recording, multi-istrumentalist

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About Sam Synger

Sound designer | Slovakia

Just whom is Sam Synger?

In short music lover, gamer and musician from Slovakia.

As listener I´m open to any kind of new music. I enjoy to explore new sounds and genres. That´s why there is no problem for me listen to rock, metal, electro, funk and orchestra and many more. Sometimes even all in one day!

As gamer I´m looking for a great stories, emotions and tons of fun of course! That´s why i love to play especially RPG & Action games with elaborated stories and characters.

As musician I started my musical journey with electric guitars. I have been playing this instrument for several years now and i enjoy it more and more each day. I was learning and looking for new challenges and so it was not long before i started to play on synthetizers too.

As time passed, I learned more about working with others musicians, music compositions, production, DAWs and recording. As a result of that, I have released my first instrumental EP record named New Horizons, which is influenced by scifi genre, space exploring and synth electronic music with little bit of guitar sound.

Currently I’m looking for new experiences and collaborations with game developers for free. I´m open to work on any genres, collaborating with indie games devs. So if you are interested don´t hesitate to contact me.

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