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Specializes in:

Film audio

Other skills

Podcast editing, SFX, Ambience, Field Recording, Mastering

Highlighted references

• Learn 2 Learn podcast by Panda Training Oy, Finland
• OHTO stop-motion animation, stereo downmix from 5.1
• BIOTOP artistic short-film shown in the Athens Film Festival in 2016, experimental SFX

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About Sebastian Alami

Sound editor | Belgium

Rigorous in creating new soundscapes, it is in my best interest to have open communication when a project is worked upon.
I find myself rather inspired by very outlandish sounds, also working personally on building a vast sound library with unique sound effects and rethinking ambiences and foley to enhance my dramaturgical understanding of productions.
Very experienced in the field of podcast, I would even say I am a specialist when it comes to planning and mastering a podcast for online distribution.


Year School Course
2019 Tampere university of applied sciences Culture, arts and media

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