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Specializes in:

Game audio

Other skills

Composing, Audio Integration, Field Recording, Sound Editing

Highlighted references

• Sword & Flower – Yulan Sun – FICOCC #10 + Feel The Reel Award Winner
• Beyond 2001: New Horizons – UAL: LCC
• FOTA – LTT Games

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About Tommy Impey

Sound designer | UK

I have recently graduated from University of the Arts London: LCC – BA Sound Art & Design, predicted for a first class honors.

As a sound designer, music producer and an avid game player. I closely studied game sound and focused on the functions of adaptive and spatial audio and how this can be utilised to maximise player experience. This research and how I applied this to projects alongside other portfolio work can be found here:

My practice within game audio consists of, level design, designing sound for individual assets, implementing audio through both FMOD, Wwise and Unity’s built in audio engine and composing an adaptive soundtrack which worked within the format of the Parallel form (or vertical re-orchestration) to allow the soundtrack to seamlessly adapt as the player progresses. In addition, I have a good knowledge of recording techniques through working as a foley artist on graduate films.


Year School Course
2019 UAL: LCC Sound Art & Design

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