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Specializes in:

Game audio

Other skills

Film music composing, advertizing, classical pianist, sound-design

Highlighted references

• Homescapes (Playrix), soundtracks
• Sky Haven (Piu-piu games), full soundtrack
• Jocker (2016) movie soundtrack

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About Viacheslav

Composer | Ukraine

I am an ukrainian experienced composer, sound-designer with a couple of higher educations in my profession (pianist and composer).
I also have a 10+ years of experience in movie and game industry with such companies as Playrix, Zeptolab, Nord Current etc, working with live orchestras on stage as well as in studio. I made music and sound for more than 300 games.
I am an author of a lots of symphonic scores, such as a Ballets Scenes, Three Images for Orchestra, Sinfonietta, Ukrainian Symphony and many others.


Year Project name Client Role
2014 Freelancer Alexander Kibanov Composer
2016 Joker Alexander Kaurikh, Sergei Okhotin Composer
2015 Jackal-online Jackal Composer, sound-designer
2020 Homescapes Playrix Composer
2022 Pocket Styler Princess Composer
2022 Sky Haven Piu-Piu games Composer
2022 Organs, please HeroCraft Composer


Year Award Awarded for
2022 Honorable mention Final of Ukrainian Symphony
2021 Gran Prix Three Ballet scenes based on the ancient greek myth Medea
2020 First place Sinfonietta
2020 Third place Variations for piano solo
2014 First place Variations for piano solo, Scherzo for piano solo
2011 Semi-finalist prize Schubert competition
2011 Third place Maria Yudina piano competition
2005 Gran Prix Europe-Asia piano competition


Year School Course
2007 Stolyarski school Piano performing
2012 Gnesins Russian Academy of Music Piano performing
2017 Gnesins Russian Academy of Music Composition
2019 Gnesins Russian Academy of Music Composition (assistantship)

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