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Game audio

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Sound Design, Songwriting, Audio Implementation (UE4), Instruments

Highlighted references

• Reverie
• Space For Two

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About Alexander Gleich

Composer | William E. Audio | Germany

Music and sound can tranform your game or media into a fully immersive experience that addresses all human senses. I strive to design my audio in a way that will catch your audience emotionally and draws them into the experience you created.

My name is Alex “Wiliam E.” Gleich and I’m a composer, songwriter and sound designer from Germany. My work is deeply rooted in the belief that melodies have to be simple but catchy and memorable. Yet I create music and sound effects which are modern but still familiar, combining the art of variation of melodies with modern sounding instruments and a pristine audio quality.

What I can do for you
Music is my passion and for nearly my whole life I played an instrument, wrote songs or recorded music of any kind. I love creating audio-related things and aim to to propel your project forward with engagement and reliability.
Music Composition:
There is only two pricing tiers to keep things simple: ‘Abstract’ (for retro, ambient and electronic music) and ‘Realistic’ (orchestral and band music).

Sound Design & Implementation:
Musical and/or abstract sound effects and audio implementation in games are available (i.e. FMOD, UE4)

Game Trailers:
I can produce trailers for your game! In case you already made one, I could help out with scoring the trailer as well.

Voice Acting:
Voice acting, especially in German or with slight German accent in English is available, too.

Help, Talks & Education:
Need any advice regarding audio in your game? Talks on Game Audio-related topics are available as well! Look at my video essays on YouTube for possible topics!


Year Project name Client Role
2016-2018 ASCENT Spark Games Composer
2015 Paint Drop Mursa Minor Games Composer & Sound Designer
2017-2018 Reverie Rainbite Inc. Composer & Sound Designer
2016 Space For Two Mursa Minor Games Composer & Sound Designer
2018-now Symmetry Spark Games Composer
2018 Offendron Warrior Hee Jong Park Composer


Year School Course
2015 Berklee College of Music Audio courses

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