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Game audio

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Game Audio Intergration, Film Scoring, Composing, Sound Designing

Highlighted references

• Splash
• ShapeFilter
• JiangLi

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About Zixuan Su

Composer | China

Majoring in Digital Music & Sound Design at Nanjing University of the Arts, pursuing an MA program in Sound Design at Savannah College of Arts and Design. I not only acquired film music composition knowledge, such as computer music, production of orchestral music., the relationship between film music and film, the creation of film sound, the classification of film music, music composition and etc. in the courses of Digital Music & Sound Art (four phases), Video Music Art, Song Writing and Audio Software, but also significantly enhanced my understanding of music scoring and composition and triggered my interest in probing this field further after graduating from my university. Traditional music has its style and structure, and dictates different music styles requires various orchestration. And film music is more for the picture, and it is vital to make a deeper meaning for the film’s image. As the entertainment industry, such as movies, is more and more developed, people can’t find a breakthrough in the innovation of movie screens, and the film music can bring a brand-new visual enjoyment and enhance the emotional power of the film. The twilight of film and television music in the film industry is a match, but it is indispensable. Because it can bring the emotions that the movie wants to express to the audience, and it can also give the audience a different film experience that the movie picture cannot represent. For the film itself, the image can be further sublimated with film music, which will show a variety of different emotions in one segment, and can be accomplished by film music.

In the process of making music, I tend to explore the essence of music and find the deepest connotation of music. I prefer expressing the music thought by resonating with the natural world. Therefore, pure musical instruments music is my musical identity. In my music works, there is a lot of orchestral music, for I love the sense of classical poetry and solemnity that orchestra music creates. Hence, it is easier for me to catch orchestra music in the process of accumulating inspirations among plenty of musical references. Every time I produced music, my inspiration not only comes from my regular life but also from my daily music accumulation , which can be a moment in life or a small idea when observing the world. Later, I will turn these momentary emotions or pictures into motivations for arranging and composing music, which will be stored in my mobile APP so that I can browse my “psychic library” when I create.


Year Project name Client Role
2023 Splash! Composer
2019 JiangLi Composer
2023 ShapeFilter Composer
2017 FloatingTemple Composer


Year Award Awarded for
2023 Red Dot Awards Splash! Short film


Year School Course
2023 Savannah Collage of Arts and Design Sound Design

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