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About Aaron Lehnen

Composer | The Realm Recordings | USA | Texas

I am a Composer and Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist Musician, and a Producer/Engineer. Originally from Southern California, now residing for the past 4 years in Texas just south of Houston in Sugar Land.

I have been playing multiple instruments for many years, such as:
Drums for 18, Guitar for 15, Bass for 13, Vocals for 12, and Keys for 11.
I have also been:
Composing, arranging, orchestrating, and transcribing in many genres/styles for 12 years; and Recording, Producing, and Engineering for at least 15. I also run several Youtube channels, one of which has near 2 million views, as well as released/distributed several projects/albums/EPs and almost 200 videos.

NeoCentric – Once Before (2018) [Reggae Rock]

The Ancient Eternal – Aura (2017) [Experimental/Electronic]

Aaron Lehnen Orchestra (2016) [Orchestral/Modern]

CryoTronic – 8bit Aurora (2016) [Chiptune/Electronic]

NeoCentric – Once (2016) [Reggae Rock]

CryoTronic – Polyphasic (2015) [Electronic/EDM]

The Ancient Eternal – Aurora (2014) [Experimental/Electronic]


Year Project name Client Role
2018 Telecsape Composer/Sound Designer
2018 RV Having Fun Yet!? Composer/Sound Designer


Year School Course
2018 University Of Houston Digital Media, Video Game & Simulation Emphasis
2008 Victor Valley College Music

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