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Sound Design, Sound Effects, Foley, Ambient Sounds and Ambient Music

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Composer | Sweden

Hi! My name is Adam and I have graduated with a Bachelors within Sound Design and Media Technology. I have since young age always wished for working with different game development projects. I want to continue building upon my portfolio and gain more experience within game development as a sound designer / music composer. I would also love to work closely with other media projects such as movies and making music for content creators (Youtube / Twitch).

I mostly focus on creating Synth music, like Synthwave, Chillwave, Dystopia feeling Synthwave, I work in a large variety within the synth genre.

A little bit about my self and interests: I have a big passion for video games, I have played World of Warcraft for 15 years, I have played Warframe for years and I have a big love for souls-like games. There is so many games on my steam playlist that I would like to mention, but I want to keep it brief. I am also a massive fan of 80s movies, cyberpunk universes, futuristic dystopias but also a big love for RPG / Pen and Paper RPG.

One of the biggest aspects in games for me has always been the music, the way music is being used as such a powerful tool to deliver the feeling and setting to the visual scene in a game. I always find myself listening in on the music and analyzing it for getting inspiration for my next projects.

I would love to work more closely with indie developers in game projects, I feel confident to work with a wide variety of genres, such as RPG, Horror games, Shooters, Puzzle games or story driven games as examples.

I can provide with composing music in FL Studio, creating sound effects and ambience sounds with ProTools / Fmod and would love to work more with VO designs!


Year School Course
2015 Blekinge Institute of Technology Digital Sound Production
2018 Södertörns Institute UX Design

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