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Recording, Mixing and Masterig, Protools Certified User

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Sound editor | Colombia

I have a fiery passion to help re-invent the ’80’s rooted, flat, recording standards. I have a personal relationship with the internet, blogs, video-sharing, iPads, Droids, Blackberries, Bluetooth, Facebook, Twitter, and all things Modern Culture. I ́m in sync with the pulse of the streets, not just the PC, Capital “A” audio world. I live and breathe synths, waves and glitches I ́m recording.
I have been involved with audio and studio work for over 25 years as a professional sound engineer. I have been employed by media companies like HBO LA, A&E, History Channel and others. I ́m a certified user of Protools and have the skills and knowledge to handle testing equipment, sound quality, mixing, editing, troubleshooting and recording a product in multiple formats. I have worked alongside major studio musicians and artists that have sold millions of records.
Finally I have been teaching for more 6 years. I have also been the Head of the Music Production department at the only institute partner of Berklee College of Music in Colombia.

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