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Specializes in:

Film audio

Other skills

Mixing Audio, Mastering Audio, Music Production

Highlighted references

• Vodafone
• Sultanate Of Oman
• Orcam

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About Alessandro Petacca

Composer | Italy

My name is Alessandro Petacca and I am a composer, producer, sound designer and sound engineer since 2014.
I studied music and production as self-taught until obtaining the title of Game Sound Designer in 2018 at the Event Horizon School in Turin, Italy.

In my career as a musician and producer I can report having:
– Produced 16 albums of hip hop, ambient, cinematic genre.
– Participated in projects of creation, sound staging, sound design in art exhibitions such as Palazzo Mazzetti d’Asti.
– Produced audio for private mindfulness and guided meditation applications.
– Worked with several sound engineers in professional private studios.
– Tutored former sound engineering and music production students from local schools.
– FOH at local events as a sound engineer
– Managed a record label GYM Studio Music.

I’ve been teaching this topics for 4 years privately and in private schools:
– Music Production
– Music Composition
– Sound Design
– Audio Mixing
– Audio Mastering

I am proficient in:
– Ableton Live Suite
– Reaper
– Music Composition for Music Producing
– Musical arrangements
– Methods of musical inspiration

I’m currently doing research on the correlation between psychiatry, spiritual practices, music and vibrational physics.


Year School Course
2018 Event Horizon School of Digital Arts Game Sound Design

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