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Specializes in:

Dialogue / ADR

Other skills

audio restoration, mixing, mastering

Highlighted references

• Live The Life You Love (Youtube channel)
• Winnie and Wilbur (Kids Animation TV series)
• Mobile GameDev Playbook (podcast)

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FAQ, About

About Alexey Sibikin

Sound editor | UK

Hi, my name is Alexey, I am a sound engineer.

I specialize in dialogue editing and processing.

I primarily work with podcasts, audiobooks, lectures and interviews, voice recordings for films and Youtube videos.

I would be glad to help you with:
– audio editing and sound enhancement
– cleaning/restoration/noise reduction
– post-production (effects, foley, music)
– mixing/mastering

I treat every single project individually with close attention to detail and manual control over the process. Whether it is a studio recording, zoom call session or audio captured with a smartphone we will make sure it sounds its best.


Year Project name Client Role
2016-present Winnie and Wilbur Winduna Enterprises Sound assistant
2015-present Britské Listy video interview series Britské Listy Composer
2014-2015 10k project | Serendipity/Deeptime/Ossian Total Immersion Composer
2011 Vanya’s Dream Ema Čulík Composer, Audio Post Production Engineer
2020 Losing Heaven Ethan Wearn Audio Post Production Engineer


Year School Course
2012 Saint Petersburg University of Humanities and Social Sciences Sound Engineering | Faculty of Arts

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