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Specializes in:

Film audio

Other skills

Orchestration, Sound Design

Highlighted references

• Grid Iron, 1336 Studios
• Maguss,
• Eden Falling, Razoredge Games

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About Andrea Bellucci

Composer | USA | California

Andrea Bellucci is a composer, sound designer and orchestrator.

He recently scored “Deadman Standing”, a western movie directed by Nicholas Barton, starring C. Thomas Howell, Luke Arnold, M.C. Gainey, distributed by Lionsgate in 2018, and he’s now working with 1336 Studios as Composer for the game “Grid Iron”.

He works with major productions in Italy (RAI Cinema, Mediaset, Indigo films, Warner Chappell), taking part as composer in relevant projects like prime time shows on RAI channels and the more recent Award winner “Non essere Cattivo” (“David di Donatello Award®” and “Nastro D’argento Award®”) and with many US and Italian companies (Velvet Green Music, SPM Music Group, scoreAscore, Really Slow Motion, Soundiva, Sonuscore, Embertone, Fluffy Audio, Orange Tree Samples…), as well as some established composers, like Paolo Buonvino and Golden Globe® nominee Carlo Siliotto, both in Italy and US. Recent works include many RAI prime time TV series like “Pietro Mennea. La Freccia del Sud”, “Luisa Spagnoli”, “Il Capitano Maria”, documentaries and docu-fiction films such as “Missione Spazio, “Aldo Moro, Il Professore”, “Adesso Tocca a Me”, and two videogames, “Maguss”, and “Eden Falling” by RazordEdge Games.


Year Project name Client Role
2018 Deadman Standing Lionsgate Composer
2018 Grid Iron 1336 Studios Composer
2018 Theo’s Trade Albert Lawrence Composer
2017 Maguss Maguss Composer
2017 Eden Falling Razoredge Games Composer
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Year School Course
2012 S. Cecilia Conservatory of Music, Rome Visual Media Composition
2010 Tor Vergata University, Rome Musicology

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