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Game audio

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Sound designer

Highlighted references

• Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (Moonton)
• Cinderella: New Story (MayPlay)
• Life is Feudal: Forest Village (Mindillusion)

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Composer | IK-Sound | Moldova

Skillful music composer and sound designer. Started active work in the industry at 2010 with the foundation of IK-Sound studio. Since then, more than 200 projects have been successfully done.


Year Project name Client Role
2017 Life is Feudal: Forest Village Mindillusion Composer, Sound designer
2017 P.A.M.E.L.A NVyve Studios Sound designer
2013 Cut the Rope 2 Zeptolab Sound designer
2016 Heroes of Arca IMPIRESOFT Composer
2017 The House of Da Vinci Blue Brain Games Sound designer, Composer
2016 Legends of Eisenwald Aterdux Entertainment Sound designer
2013 Nearwood Magicindie Softworks Composer, Sound designer
2011 Brink of Consciousness: Dorian Gray Syndrome Magicindie Softworks Composer, Sound designer
2012 Brink of Consciousness: The Lonely Hearts Murders Magicindie Softworks Composer, Sound designer
2017 Intershelter Eforb Composer, Sound designer
2017 Heroes Infinity Divmob Sound designer
2014 Cyberline Racing Magicindie Softworks Composer, Sound designer
2013 Gadgetarium Gutenbergz Composer, Sound designer
2012 Sherlock Holmes for the iPad Gutenbergz Composer, Sound designer
2014 Omega: The First Movement GOYA games Composer
2015 Void Expanse Atomictorch Sound designer
2018 Cryofall Atomictorch Sound designer
2018 CrossPoint Eforb Sound designer, Composer
2018 Fishing Planet Fishing Planet LLC Sound designer
2018 Eternity Legends DivMob Composer, Sound designer
2018 P.A.S. Eforb Sound designer, Composer
2019 Modern Ops EdKon Games Composer, sound designer
2019 Magic Book Yovo games Composer
2019 Rifters A.R. Omnigames Sound designer, composer
2019 Toy Story Drop! Disney/Big Fish Games Composer
2020 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Moonton Composer, sound designer
2020 Mobile Legends: Adventure Moonton Sound designer
2020 SpellMaster: The Saga Spellbook Creations Composer
2020 Crossy Road: Castle Hipster Whale Sound designer
2020 Fort Triumph CookieByte Entertainment Sound designer
2020 World War II: Battle Conflict EdKon games Composer, sound designer
2020 The House of Da Vinci 2 Blue Brain Games Sound designer
2020 Cinderella: New Story MayPlay Composer, sound designer

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