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Specializes in:

Game audio

Other skills

Motion picture mix, Foley, field recording, editing, mastering.

Highlighted references

• Cyberpunk 2077

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FAQ, About

About Bjørn Jacobsen

Sound designer | Cujo Sound | Denmark

Experienced sound designer and studio owner – thug for hire if you need audio for your games or motion picture.

Sound designer of games, motion picture, commercials and unique branding.
In all its forms and shapes I create sounds unique to projects and make sure they play correctly, I also final mix motion picture audio, ADR, re-recording, sound design logos and branding, as well as audio direction and supervision for both music and sound design.

I run a YouTube channel with game audio content as well as a mentorship program to help out game audio newcomers as well as experienced designers who wants a sparing partner.

As an avid gamer myself and creatively interested I have a personal goal of delivering the best sound design possible for any project.
If you need any sound design, mixing, implementation or guidance to your project, feel free to reach out.


Year Project name Client Role
2012 EVE Online – Retribution CCP Games Sound designer
2016 HITMAN IO Interactive Sound designer
2016 EVE : Valkyrie CCP Games Sound designer
2013 Dust 514 CCP Games Sound designer
2015 Unity 5 Unity 3D Sound designer
2011 A mothers inferno DADIU Sound designer
2010 World in Conflict – Afghanistan Serious Games Interactive Sound designer
2011 Penny Girl Apex Virtual Entertainment Sound designer
2006 Creating a second sun Zenon Records Composer
2008 The art of mindfucking Headstick Records Composer
2002 The Twisted Fairytales Novatekk Composer
2012 London – Paris – Hangover – New York Plusquam Records Composer
2015 Den Sidste Pige Bjarke De Koning Sound designer
2020 Cyberpunk 2077 CD PROJEKT RED Senior Sound Designer
2020 The Ascent Neon Giant Sound Designer
2020 Ostranauts Blue Bottle Games Sound Designer
2019 DARQ Unfold Games Sound Designer
2020 Vampire: The Masquerade Sharkmob Senior Sound Designer
2020 Unannounced title Ubisoft – Blue Byte Sound Designer
2021 Unannounced title Obsidian Entertainment Sound Designer
2021 Settlers Ubisoft – Blue Byte Sound Designer
2020 Straits of Danger Dot Big Bang Sound Designer
2020 Rentnarok Film School of Edinburgh Sound Designer / Re-Recording Mixer
2020 Godt Nytår Honey Films / Central Media Productions Sound Designer / Re-Recording mixer
2022 Unannounced Project Wargaming Sound Designer
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Year Award Awarded for
2019 Audience Award Sound Design – DARQ


Year School Course
2011 Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus Ba. Electronic Music Composition
2013 Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus Ma. Electronic Music Composition
2016 Aarhus University MSc. Information Technology – Audio Design

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