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Game audio

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Composition ,Foley & Field Recording, Audio Editing & Restoration

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Sound designer | Underscore Sound Design | Netherlands

Underscore is a Dutch Game Sound Design studio. Our expertise lies in original soundtrack composition and sound effects for video games.

We provide affordable and professional high quality sound design. From mobile 2D platformers to full fledged VR games with 3D surround sound. Let your game come to life with deeper dimensions in storytelling. Underscore produces your sounds with passion!

Depending on the project requirements we can cover many assets:

Game Sound Design
Foley Recording
Field Recording
Audio Restoration
Audio Editing & Mastering
Original Soundtrack Composition
Multiple Game Engine Audio Implementation

We understand the creativity and effort it takes to create great games. We add extra immersion by designing unique soundscapes for your game. We deliver sounds that perfectly express you vision. Just like you, we prefer responsive and clear communication. We don’t mind revisions, because ones we are working on your game, It’s our main mission. We keep refining your sounds until we are all completely satisfied with the results.

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Year School Course
2016 SAE Institute Game Sound Design
2010 Sound Education University Music Production/Engineering

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