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About Chris Lott

Composer | USA | Alabama

I’m a VERY affordable, Telly-Award winning film composer with 20+ years experience, who has scored films for LionsGate, Jeffrey Reddick (Final Destination), ZFLONetwork (Youtube channel with over 100+ Million views), and Iron Horse Cinema, to name a few.

I’m currently looking for more projects to score ๐Ÿ™‚ My rates below are as follows:

Short films:
5-10 min: – $100-$150
10-15 min: $200-$250
30-40 min: around $300-$400

Feature films:
50 min+: $1000+
Full length feature: $5000 flat.

I can do all genres! But if you must know, my absolute favorite is horror.

Feel free to check out some of my scores at the following link:
I PROMISE you will not be disappointed.

Thank you for your time,

Chris Lott, Composer

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Year Award Awarded for
2018 Telly Best Use of Music

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