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Field/Studio Recordist, Foley, SFX Libraries, ADR, Editing, Mixing.

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About Chris Thompson

Field recordist | CXV Freelance audio engineer | UK

My career has been focused on developing audio content, for visual sequences. I have been researching, experimenting and developing foley/ambience/sample recordings out in the field, and in studio scenarios for production. To continuously provide myself with growing knowledge with techniques, and technical gear set-ups to produce a high-quality, commercial standard. I also have experience with pre-production (visual mapping, cueing, story boarding), and post-production (edits, SFX, ADR, sound reports, mixing, mastering) for content within a team, or sending them to engineers. Making the communication and workflow, consistent and efficient, suiting various methods and terminology used within all production stages effectively. I have achieved academics from a Level 3 Diploma in Music Technology, and a Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) degree in Music Production.


Year School Course
2016 BIMM Music Production
2014 SGS Stroud College Music Technology

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