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composing, mixing, audio production

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About Connor Small

Composer | Husks | USA | California

hi I’m Connor! I’m an independent recording artist that works under the name Husks. I’m based in Los Angeles, and have been a professional music producer for 7 years.

Beyond working as an experimental pop producer and mix engineer, I write, compose and produce film & video game scores. My specialty is anything dark and haunting, and my favorite projects to work on are horror movies, dramas, and fantasy/sci-fi!

I pride myself on my hands-on and collaborative approach to scoring, and I can work on tight deadlines. I approach every project I work on with the care and attention it deserves, in order to bring depth to the score & film. Please reach out if you’re interested in working with me on your next project! Would love to hear from you.

Services offered:

– Full scale score composition for films, TV & video games
– Audio production
– Mixing


Year School Course
2015 Bucknell University B.A. in Audio Engineering

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