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Composer | Italy

Daniele Coppola was born in 5 October 1995 in Naples, Italy. Passionate about television, cinema and videogames, he realised his particular talent for music when he discovered he possessed perfect pitch. In 2006, he began taking private lessons – which he continued for more than eleven years.

In 2018 he began lessons on composition – focused on imagery and emotion, with Pericle Odierna.


“Elrehon” is an affective nickname, dating back many years, when Daniele used to play online videogames. It is a combination of two characters from “The Lord of the Rings” saga: Elrond, king of Rivendell, and Elrohir, his son. From then onwards, he never abandoned that name. It was so appropriate that it is still his stage name to this day.


Year Project name Client Role
2018 Nexomon Extinction Vewo Inc. Composer
2020 Terrorbane BitNine Studio Composer
2018-2019 Puzzle Pelago Hallgrim Games Composer
2020 Nightfell RPG Grim Moon Studio Composer
2021 MerFight: Curse of the Arctic Prince Mattrfied Games Composer
2022 Banners of Honour Kefa Studios Composer
2022 Mushro Legends Composer
2022 – Present Netherguild David Vinokurov Composer
2022 – Present Children of The Moon Grim Moon Studio Composer
2022 – Present Aona Delta Raccoons Composer
2023 – Present Base Magic Defense Victor Jacobson Composer
2023 – Present RPG Fishing Simulator Josh Thorguard Composer


Year School Course
2018 Art’s Touch Entertainment Media Music Composition
2019 Art’s Touch Entertainment Media Music Composition

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