Highlighted references

• The Lion’s Cage, Personal Sound Project
• Shadow, Chris Paul Walton Micro Short
• Headspace, Charlie Surrage Animation

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About David Panchen

Sound designer | UK

So far I have only worked on student films, some of which are included in my showreel but now I have finished my degree in Audio and Music Production I am looking to progress into working with independent film makers. I won the Sennheiser Award for Best Sound Design while at uni and I am really focusing on developing in this area. I am happy to work on any range of projects with the aim of developing my skill set and providing quality sound design for your film, game, trailer etc. Please contact me to discuss any potential projects.


Year Project name Client Role
2016 The Lion’s Cage Personal sound project for Bucks New Uni Sound Designer, Foley Artist
2017 Smoothie Chris Paul Walton Sound Designer, Recordist
2017 Bedtime Chris Paul Walton Sound designer
2017 Companion Tamara Panchen Sound designer
2017 Headspace Charlie Surrage Sound designer, Composer
2017 Shadow Chris Paul Walton Sound designer


Year Award Awarded for
2017 Sennheiser Award Best Sound Design
2017 Focusrite Award Best Music Recording
2017 JAMES/Richer Sounds Award Achievement Award


Year School Course
2014 Bucks New Uni Audio and Music Production

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