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About DB Cooper

Audio director | DB Cooper VO | USA | Maine

Casting, Directing, Acting. Teaching you how to take bullets, howl in agony, and die.
With a pedigree in musical and dramatic theater, DB has been acting and directing for more than 30 years— you’ve heard her in Bioshock 2, Hearthstone, Firefall, and DC Universe Online. She casts and directs game dialogue; is a vocal archetype/ combat /creature sound consultant, and a voice coach with students worldwide.


Year Project name Client Role
Bioshock 2 2K Big Kate O’Malley, Lizzy Fletcher, Persephone System PA
Hearthstone Blizzard Fjola Lightbane, Kodorider, Pit Fighter Orc, Sideshow Spelleater Troll
Job Simulator Owlchemy Labs Granny Bot, Coupon Bot
2018 The Station The Station Voice of the Station
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