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Game audio

Other skills

Game Audio, Composer, Sound Editor, SFX libraries

Highlighted references

• Nickwatch by Nickelodeon
• The Legend of Odysseus – playtika, Blackboard Studios
• Waze Ads commercial

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About Dean Katz-Ritov

Sound designer | DeanKR | Israel

From an early age, I always had a strong passion for music, in fact, I always wanted to be a music conductor.
But, not long after, I realized that the sound-technician is actually our modern time conductor, he controls every aspect of the overall sound, and decides how a certain piece should actually be perceived: from the big picture mix, on to the small fine tuning of a frequency.
Studying and working in different fields of “sound”, learning music theory and playing different instruments allows me to tell a complete story – from the early stage of recordings on to the final stage of mixing.

Today, composing for different platforms and being the sound-designer gives me the full pleasure I always wanted.
Every story with his own unique needs, and the many paths you can always take to make that story even more special, makes this undoubtedly the most satisfying thing I – as a musician and sound-designer – can do.


Year Project name Client Role
2019 Waze Ads TSFM Sound designer
2019 The Composer DonkeyShot Sound designer
2019 Ocd Ceremonies Keren Gani Sound designer
2019 Girl on a bike Thekra Makalda Sound desinger & Composer
2019 Bialstok//Givatayim Noa Itan Sound designer & Composer
2019 Docotime – Jojo Yuval Horovitz Sound designer
2019 The Wizard Lena Fridrich Composer
2018 Plaot Shaked Katzir Sound designer&Composer
2019 Carlsberg Luma Jimminy Sound designer
2020 Abiogenesis BIFSC Sound designer
2019 Escape BIFSC Sound designer
2020 Luneau Technology – VX65 – Promo Video Videohead Sound designer
2020 Alma Sharon Leshem Sound designer
2021 Nickwatch Nickelodeon, ViacomCBS, WatchinU Sound designer, composer, audio implementation
2021 The Roman Riddle Playtika, BlackBoard Studios Sound designer
2021 The Legend of Odysseus Playtika, BlackBoard Studios Sound designer
2021 Shamir Metaform BlackBoard Studios Sound designer
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Year Award Awarded for
2019 Finalist BIFSC 2019 Sound-design competition
2020 Finalist BIFSC 2020 Sound-design competition


Year School Course
2016 Gera Sound-School Audio engineering

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