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Game Audio Integration, Audio Programming, Composing

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About Dylan De Waele

Sound designer | Graduate | Belgium

Welcome to my soundlister profile! Ever since I was younger I dreamt of making games and had an interest in everything computer-related. This dream is what carved out the path I am following today.

My passion for programming is what got me to DAE, where I followed the Game Development curriculum and, soon after, got an internship as a Gameplay Programmer at Cyborn. However, there was always a hidden musical desire in myself and I thought it was time open up a new chapter. I went back to DAE and followed the Interactive Sound Production Curriculum where I combined my skills and knowledge in programming with my passion for audio and music.

Nowadays, I like to use my diverse skillset to create unique and interesting experiences that the viewer won’t soon forget! I spent most of my time programming games, plugins and tools. On the flipside, I really like to produce my own music and I am very involved in all kinds music-related things!


Year School Course
2021 Digital Arts and Entertainment Game Development
2023 Digital Arts and Entertainment Sound Design

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