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Technical Sound Design, Game Audio Integration, Mixing, Asset Creation

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About Eli Hason

Sound designer | Nomadic Noize Productions | Canada

Some of my earliest memories are of recording sounds off the radio onto cassette tapes, and learning editing with the double cassette deck on my boom box. My life has been full of recording, creating, and sharing my own filter of sound through field recording trips around the world, getting folks dancing through my DJ sets, creating new galaxies of sound in games, or setting off into dreamland with my electronic compositions. Being a creature of innovation, positivity, and a yearn to learn helps me to feel as though life keeps getting better and more enjoyable the older I get.

My work in being a sound designer for the game industry has been inspired by the enjoyment and excitement I felt when playing on early consoles, and the many nights spent at the arcades of my youth. When I began working in the industry I enjoyed the challenge of making audio systems work across many platforms with so much localization, and saw the technical challenges as my new holy grail. I have always enjoyed the way I heard the sound signatures of games, and getting to work on asset creation for Sonic Boom : The Rise of Lyric was a treat after having the soundscape in my head for decades. I am also a fan of the incredible work sound luminaries like Eric Brosius on the original Thief games, and Paul Fox’s cinematic work on the Uncharted series for realism that grabbed you and did not let go.

Software & Skills

Pro Tools (12 years)
Wwise (8 years)
FMOD (9 years)
Unreal (8 years)
Unity (4 years)
Gaia (2 years)
Ableton Live (17 years)
Sound Forge (15 years)
Sony Acid (19 years)
Vegas (7 years)
Reaper (4 year)


Year Project name Client Role
2019 Underworld Ascendant Otherworld Entertainment Sound Designer
2014 Sonic : The Rise Of Lyric Big Red Button Games Sound Designer
2014 Thief Eidos Senior Technical Sound Designer
2010 Naughty Bear A2M Sound Designer
2009 WET A2M Sound Designer
2009 Silent Hill: Homecoming Double Helix Games Audio Scripting
2007 Shiny Entertainment Sound Designer

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