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Other skills

Game Audio Implementation, Sound Design

Highlighted references

• Legend – Chevrolet Camaro Commercial
• Tripstartr – United Airlines
• Payback’s a Birch – Xbox Arcade Release

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FAQ, About

About Elliot Callighan

Composer | Ramova Music | USA | Illinois

Elliot began playing the violin at the age of four, piano at eight, guitar at 12 and the computer at 20. He enlisted in the Army National Guard in order to study music. In five years he had received a Bachelor’s in Music Composition and a Master’s in Cinema Audio Production made possible with an Officer-producing Army ROTC scholarship.

His accomplishments include:

-Scoring over 70 films, documentaries, animations and video games.
-Scoring videos for United Airlines, Chevrolet Motors and the Chicago Advertising Federation.
-Self-Releasing two solo electronic albums as “Ramova.”

Software proficiencies include: Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Reason, Finale, Sibelius, Wwise, Elias, Various Plug-Ins and Sample Libraries.

Visit his online portfolio at:


Year Project name Client Role
2016 Charged Bummer Lamb Composer
2016 Skystream 312 Productions Composer
2016 Cobra Cliff Costa Productions Composer
2016 Bouncers Mas Mejor Composer
2016 Empty Space (Trailer) Beachwood Pictures Composer
2016 Secrets We Keep 312 Productions Composer
2016 Love and Zombies Expired Celluloid Composer
2015 Company We Keep 312 Productions Composer
2015 Write What You Know BSherm Composer
2015 Reality Petit Productions Composer
2015 Off We Go Found Object Films Composer
2015 Anti-Body Expired Celluloid Composer
2015 Growing Strong Kazia Productions Composer
2015 Swift Change of Heart Black Apple Media Composer
2015 1994 312 Productions Composer
2015 Between Found Object Films Composer
2014 One Child at a Time DePaul University Composer
2014 Nostalgic Major Multimedia Composer
2014 Playing Cards at Dawn Expired Celluloid Composer
2014 Spark and Fade On The Make Productions Composer
2014 Jax Kazia Productions Composer
2016 Guiding Principles The Godrej Group Mumbai Composer
2015 Legend (Chevrolet Camaro Commercial) Chevrolet Motors Composer
2014 Tripstartr United Airlines Composer
2014 Chicago American Advertisement Awards Chicago Advertising Federation Composer
2015 Transmissions towers Past Awkway Productions Composer
2014 Vidya Composer
TBR Project Frequency BioXide Composer
2015 Space Scavengers Global Game Jam Composer
2015 Astraeus Smash and Grab Games Composer
2015 Boats: High Seas Scramble E. Entertainment Composer
2015 Payback’s a Birch Penta Pod Games Composer
2015 Kromatic Squish, Inc. Composer
2015 Godlands Capstrong Composer
2015 2 Rats 1 Cage Global Game Jam Composer, Sound Designer


Year Award Awarded for
2015 Best Original Score Between – Short Film
2015 Helmut P. Epp. Vanguard Contributions to the DePaul filmmaking community.


Year School Course
2015 DePaul Master of Science Cinema Audio Production
2012 Columbia Bachelor of Arts Music Composition

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