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composing, songwriting, music production, sound editing

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Sound designer | Rico Casazza | Czech Republic

Italian Born, UK based since 2001, Federico is a Music Producer/ songwriter, Film sound designer & Location sound mixer.

He has a Master Degree obtained at Goldsmiths University of London in Filmmaking (Sound Recording, Post-production & Design) in 2021

Having 13 years of experience as a music producer and audio engineering, he joined the film industry because of the love for art, film and music that he always had.

As a music producer he has a career that span for 13 years releasing music under his and other names on both vinyl and digital, and also occasionally touring in Europe and the world playing music live.
In addition to this He has recently started a Youtube channel where he makes video tutorial of music and audio production for both music and film sound design.

But film is the main thing right now for Rico where he has worked and collaborated with over 50 films in sound and occasionally as a composer of music too, joining the two world he loves.

He owns a studio in Prague, Czech Republic where he works as a sound designer and also location sound mixer mostly for Famu university film School and various independent film makers.

Expert level of Ableton Live and Pro Tools, and various software for audio manipulation and restorations, and owning the tools for be a sound recordist .

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Year School Course
2020 goldsmith university of london master of art in sound design for film

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