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Highlighted references

• “Noara The Conspiracy” – Atypique Studio
• “Agents: BioHunters” – PlayStark
• “Silly Squad” – Voxweaver

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About Gabriel Dalmasso

Sound designer | France

Composer and Sound Designer, fascinated by video games and cinema.

After a long musical journey in Brazil as a pianist and composer, I dedicated myself to game audio. Graduate at Isart Digital (Paris) in 2016, I had the opportunity to develop my skills on engines as Wwise, Fmod Studio, Unity 3D and Unreal 4 as well as DAWs as Reaper, Protools and Logic Pro.

Since then, I have had the opportunity to work primarily as an independent sound designer and composer for several video game projects, such as “Agents: BioHunters”, a multiplayer PvP developed by the Spanish studio Play Stark, launched April 2020 on early accès, and “Noara – the Conspiracy”, tactical MOBA currently under development by the French studio Atypique Studio – for both I’ve been using Reaper, Wwise and Unity as my primary tools.
I also had the opportunity to work as a sound artist and composer for the “Do Not Touch” AR game application developed by Flat Pixel Society for Nickelodeon and the Xbox-One puzzle-game “Kyub”, developed by Ninja Egg.

Among my experiences as a freelancer, I worked for:
– PlayStark: video game “Agents: BioHunters”, TPS multiplayer online (composer and sound designer)
– Atypique Studio: video game “Noara: The Conspiracy”, tactical MOBA under development (sound designer)
– Voxweaver: video game “Silly Squad”, party brawler (sound designer)
– Arte Studio: mobile project “FlipFly” developed under the supervision of the ONF and IDFA DocLab (sound designer and composer)
– Flat Pixel Society: augmented reality app “Do Not Touch” distributed by Nickelodeon (sound designer)
– Ninja Egg: video game “Kyub”, puzzle-game released on Xbox One (sound designer and composer)
– Courts-On: Interactive Music & Sound Design Professional Trainer (Reaper, Wwise & Unity)

– Other references (advertising, corporate, podcasts, gaming): Engie, Longines, TAPE, Mirrors Studio, Studio Ochenta, Troove, Gamabilis …

These experiences among others are proof that my passion is to bring images to life through sound and music.

– Sound design
– Music composition
– Editing and mixing
– Artistic direction (sound and music)

– Editing & Mixing: Reaper, Protools, Logic X
– Music Production: Logic X
– Audio Middlewares: Wwise, Fmod
– Game Engines (audio integration): Unity, Unreal 4


Year Project name Client Role
2018-2019 Agents: BioHunters PlayStark Sound Designer, Composer
2018-2019 Noara: the conspiracy Atypique Studio Sound Designer
2018 Silly Squad Voxweaver Sound Designer
2017 FlipFly (mobile link) Arte Sound Designer, Composer
2016-2019 Do Not Touch (mobile app) Flat Pixel/Nickelodeon Sound Designer
2015-2016 Kyub Ninja Egg Sound Designer, Composer
More credits on IMDB


Year Award Awarded for
2016 Best animation short film at Très Court International Film Festival “Poilus”
2016 Isart Jury’s Prize for animation movie “Poilus”
2015 Isart Best Special Effects Movie Award “Paris Rouge”


Year School Course
2014 Isart Digital (Paris – France) Music & Sound Design
2004 Unirio University (Rio de Janeiro – Brazil) Musical Arrangement for Brazilian Folk Music
2001 Estacio (Rio de Janeiro – Brazil) Sound Technician
1999 Piano (Rio de Janeiro – Brazil) Brazilian Music Conservatory

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